Delay Divert Solutions

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Dealing with disruptions is an inevitable fact of life in the airline industry. Flights get diverted or delayed for a variety of reasons leaving you with the problem of finding an alternative way of moving hundreds, or possibly thousands, of passengers. We understand how important it is to handle this type of adversity effectively, for your passengers and for your reputation.

Together we can provide a prompt, professional response; delegating ground transport and hotel accommodation arrangements for passengers and staff to our on-demand professional managed service, leaves your personnel free to handle customer services and to focus on resuming flight services.

Working with Delay Divert Solutions will enable you to:

  • Deliver higher levels of customer service

    By spending more time dealing with passengers face-to-face, demonstrating how important their business is to you

  • Minimise inconvenience to your passengers

    By focussing on the logistics of repositioning aircraft and crew etc.

  • Reduce passenger claims for compensation

    By meeting your obligations under EU Regulation EU261/2004


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